Computational humanness, analogy and innovation, and soft concepts

The Data Exchange Podcast: Dafna Shahaf on enabling computers to augment human cognition in novel ways.

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In this episode of the Data Exchange I speak with Dafna Shahaf, Associate Professor at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She also runs the hyadata lab, a research group that consistently produces unique and interesting projects at the intersection of computer science, data, and the social sciences.

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Our conversation included a range of topics, including:

  • Computational analogy: Dafna and her students mine online sources like patent filings, research papers, and data from crowdsourcing platforms focused on innovation, and in the process they produce tools that should be of interest to innovation officers and members of innovation labs.
  • Soft Concepts: Dafna has continued her work on computational humor, and along with her students, they have new tools for automatically finding trivia facts in Wikipedia.
  • An upcoming workshop on Innovative Ideas in Data Science (April 20th in Taipei; the deadline to submit proposals is: 21 February 2020).

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