Project Lightspeed: Next-generation Spark Streaming

Karthik Ramasamy on faster and simpler tools for new streaming applications.

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Karthik Ramasamy, is the Head of Streaming at Databricks1. He has extensive experience in streaming, having led teams at Twitter (Apache Heron), Splunk, and Streamlio (Apache Pulsar).

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We discussed some of the key areas addressed by Lightspeed (next-gen Spark Streaming) including:

  • Improving latency and ensuring that it’s predictable
  • Enhancing ecosystem for connectors
  • Simplifying deployment, operations, monitoring and troubleshooting
Figure 1: Key areas addressed by Project Lightspeed; Image from Karthik Ramasamy, used with permission.

Highlights in the video version:

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[1] Ben Lorica is an advisor to Databricks and other startups.

[Image: Data Stream by Ben Lorica, generated with OpenAI DALL·E.]