The Future of Graph Databases

Emil Eifrem on graph and vector databases, LLMs, and building an American company with a Swedish Soul.

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Emil Eifrem is co-founder and CEO of Neo4j, the leading graph database and graph data science software provider. We discussed a range of topics including: the current state of graph databases, graph data science and graph neural networks, vector databases, the interplay between LLMs, knowledge graphs, and graph databases.

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Interview highlights – key sections from the video version:

    We opened sourced right from day one. And we started building a community from day one, but we were a little bit contrary, and we started monetizing pretty early as well because we wanted to get both signals of feedback, both from the open-source community as well as from paying customers. We also knew that if you looked at the database companies, any database company at scale, 80% of their revenue is from the global 2000. And so we knew that selling into the enterprise is not an afterthought. We need to train that muscle right away. ❜
    Emil Eifrem on building an Enterprise Software startup based on open source technology.

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