Evolving Data Science Training Programs

Anjali Samani on the evolution of the data scientist role, the rise of ML engineers and MLOps, and how to lead in data science.

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This week’s guest is Anjali Samani, Director of Data Science and Data Intelligence at SalesForce. We first met during the early days of Faculty1, one of the leading data science and AI startups in Europe. Anjali helped design and lead the early Fellowship programs at Faculty (these are intensive bootcamps that take STEM graduates and postdocs and turn them into industrial data scientists).

The focus of our discussion is the evolution of the data science role, the rise of ML engineers and MLOps, and how Anjali leads data and data science teams today.  This is the time of the year when people traditionally cast around for new job opportunities, so we take stock of the data science profession, and current expectations of hiring managers.

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Anjali Samani:

Bootcamps  will still give them a lot of the foundational pieces. But I don’t think that that in and by itself, is enough anymore. In part because the competition is so fierce right now. A lot of bootcamps and universities are turning out data scientists at a phenomenal rate. So there, there are just a lot more people available. Certainly for a lot of larger organizations, like Salesforce, and even actually for a lot of the startups, gone are the days when people want to invest in separate data engineers, machine learning engineers, data scientists. Especially if they can find – they’re not so rare now – unicorns with both data science and some of the ML engineering skills. Organizations are sort of increasingly raising the bar in terms of what they’re looking for. So that’s why I think that just doing a bootcamp in and by itself is no longer sufficient.

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[1] Ben Lorica is an advisor to Faculty and other startups.

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