Past episodes listed in reverse chronological order. We have high-quality transcripts for a few episodes (see here).


Denise GosnellHow graph technologies are being used to solve complex business problems

Amy HeineikeMachines for unlocking the deluge of COVID-19 papers, articles, and conversations

Christopher NguyenDesigning machine learning models for both consumer and industrial applications

Matthew HonnibalBuilding open source developer tools for language applications

Chris WigginsViewing machine learning and data science applications as sociotechnical systems

Andrew BurtIdentifying and mitigating liabilities and risks associated with AI

Arun Verma (in conversation with Jenn Webb) → How machine learning is being used in quantitative finance

Harish DoddiUnderstanding machine learning model governance

Wes McKinneyImproving performance and scalability of data science libraries

Pete WardenWhy TinyML will be huge

Evan SparksAn open source platform for training deep learning models

Kenneth StanleyAlgorithms that continually invent both problems and solutions

Bruno GonçalvesComputational Models and Simulations of Epidemic Infectious Diseases

Robert MunroHuman-in-the-loop machine learning

Chris NicholsonNext-generation simulation software will incorporate deep reinforcement learning

Solmaz ShahalizadehBusiness at the speed of AI: Lessons from Shopify

Edo LibertyHow deep learning is being used in search and information retrieval

Alejandro SaucedoThe responsible development, deployment and operation of machine learning systems

Edmon BegoliHyperscaling natural language processing

Krishna GadeWhat businesses need to know about model explainability

Dean WamplerScalable Machine Learning, Scalable Python, For Everyone

Dafna ShahafComputational humanness, analogy and innovation, and soft concepts

David Talby → Building domain specific natural language applications

Morten DahlThe state of privacy-preserving machine learning

Sijie GuoTaking messaging and data ingestion systems to the next level

Bahman BahmaniBusiness at the speed of AI: Lessons from Rakuten

Nir ShavitThe combination of the right software and commodity hardware will prove capable of handling most machine learning tasks


Ben and Mikio BraunKey AI and Data Trends for 2020

Rajat MongaThe evolution of TensorFlow and of machine learning infrastructure

Reza ZadehBuilding large-scale, real-time computer vision applications

Paco NathanTaking stock of foundational tools for analytics and machine learning