Preparing for the Implementation of the EU AI Act and Other AI Regulations

Experts Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna and Andrew Burt offer insights on navigating the incoming wave of AI regulation.

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This week we discuss AI regulations with Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna is VP for Global Privacy at the Future of Privacy Forum, and Andrew Burt, Managing Partner at BNH1, the first law firm focused on AI and Analytics.

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Several AI regulations and policies are set to take effect in 2023, a fact that may come as a surprise to many data and AI teams. Among these new guidelines are:

  • EU AI Act. Establishes a process for self-certification and government oversight of high-risk AI systems, transparency requirements for AI systems interacting with people, and seeks to ban a few “unacceptable” qualities of AI systems.
  • NYC Automated Employment Decision Tools. Pertain to software systems “used to substantially assist or replace discretionary decision making for making employment decisions that impact natural persons”.
  • District of Columbia’s Stop Discrimination by Algorithms Act of 2021. Establishes a framework for restricting and requiring businesses that use algorithms to make credit and eligibility decisions, including those directing advertising and marketing solicitations.
  • California’s Fair Employment & Housing Council. A major step towards regulating the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in conjunction with employment decisions.
  • Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights (White House). In support of President Biden’s vision, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy has identified five principles for designing, using, and deploying automated systems.

This episode delves into the details of the new regulations surrounding data and AI, including their scope, implementation timeline, and steps that teams should take to ensure compliance. It is crucial for data and AI teams to begin preparations as soon as possible in order to be ready for these regulations.

Interview highlights – key sections from the video version:


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[1] Ben Lorica is an advisor to an other startups.

[Image: Streams of Justice by Ben Lorica, using images from Infogram.]