Why You Need A Time-Series Database

Ajay Kulkarni and Mike Freedman on the many benefits of data management solutions focused on temporal data.

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This week’s guests are Ajay Kulkarni (CEO) and Mike Freedman (CTO), co-founders of Timescale, the startup behind the popular relational database for time-series and analytics. Mike is also a Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University. Our conversation took place a few weeks after Timescale raised a massive funding round and achieved unicorn status.  I’ve known Ajay and Mike since the early days of Timescale and this conversation centered on the state of time series data management – use cases and key features – as well as a peek into what lies ahead for this exciting set of tools.

Timescale was founded on the belief that time-series applications needed a database that was built for scale and performance, but also offered the reliability and flexibility found in relational databases. Ajay and Mike also believed that SQL will continue to be an important language for data analysis and analytics. I believe both of these assumptions have been validated by the market.

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