How technology is disrupting the venture capital industry

Brandon Jenkins on a new platform for providing capital to startups in the data infrastructure space.

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Brandon Jenkins, Co-founder and COO of Fundrise, the largest direct-to-individuals alternative investment platform in the country. They buy, own, and operate portfolios of “alternative assets” or what might sometimes be called “private market assets” such as real estate private equity, venture capital, or private credit, and make them available to individual investors directly through our platform.

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Our conversation centered on their recent foray into technology investing, specifically startup companies in the data infrastructure space. The plan is to provide users of Fundrise access to a diversified set of promising startups in the data infrastructure space.

Interview highlights – key sections from the video version:


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[Image: Portfolio of data infrastructure startups, by Ben Lorica (using image generated via Stable Diffusion and icons from Infogram).]