NLP and AI in Financial Services

Anshul Pandey on building a no-code AI platform for accelerating innovation in financial services.

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This week’s guest is Anshul Pandey, CTO and co-founder at Accern1, a startup helping financial services companies build and deploy AI applications via a no-code platform. Our conversation focused on the specific challenges of building AI and NLP applications within financial services. As many of our listeners may be aware of, we recently released the results of our second annual NLP Industry Survey, so I also explored the challenges surfaced in that survey with Anshul. We also discussed Responsible AI in the context of the financial services industry.

Download the 2021 NLP Survey Report and learn how companies are using and implementing natural language technologies.

Anshul Pandey:

Let me take a very simple example, let’s say an article comes out that says, “A JP Morgan analyst has downgraded a particular company’s rating from buy to hold”.  That single article will have a very different interpretation, if you go talk to a credit risk analyst, versus a trader, versus someone who’s in another domain within financial services. So I think there is lots of context that goes into the interpretation. Then beyond the context, you also have these specific vocabularies that are very relevant for certain departments and not so relevant for another. I think there’s lots of depth in the amount of NLP research that we have to do supporting these different domains and applications.

Highlights in the video version:

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[1] This post and episode are part of a collaboration between Gradient Flow and Accern. See our statement of editorial independence.

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