ETL for LLMs

Brian Raymond on how data can be made AI-friendly with open-source building blocks that connect unstructured enterprise data to LLMs.

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Brian Raymond is the founder of Unstructured, a startup building open source data pre-processing and ingestion tools specifically for Large Language Models (LLMs). Unstructured is focused on building tools for transforming unstructured data, particularly from large organizations, into a format that can be effectively processed by NLP solutions and LLMs. The process is complex and time-consuming, often involving the transformation and curation of varied document formats and layouts, while ensuring a high-quality, clean data feed. Solving this problem is critical now more than ever, as it allows us to fully exploit the potential of LLMs, leading to more cost-effective, efficient, and high-performing AI systems.

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Interview highlights – key sections from the video version:

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