An Open Source Data Framework for LLMs

Jerry Liu on helping developers augment LLMs with their own private data.

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Jerry Liu is CEO and co-founder of LlamaIndex, an open source project and startup that builds tools that enable teams to augment LLMs with their own private data.  LlamaIndex has become one of my favorite new open source projects. It is a data framework that connects various data sources and formats to large language models (LLMs). It facilitates data ingestion, indexing, and retrieval, making it easier for developers to tailor LLMs to specific needs, improve performance, manage costs, and ensure data compliance. LlamaIndex was developed to bridge the gap between enterprise data and LLMs, enabling enhanced use of AI technologies in both personal and commercial applications. It is a robust, easy-to-use framework that can augment LLMs with context and knowledge.


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Interview highlights – key sections from the video version:

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