AI Metadata

Gev Sogomonian on the role metadata plays in developing next-generation AI and LLM-backed applications.

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Gev Sogomonian is co-author of AimStack1, an open-source, self-hosted AI metadata tracker that logs all your AI metadata, such as experiments and prompts, and provides a user-friendly UI for comparing and observing them. It also offers an SDK for programmatically querying tracked metadata.

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We also discussed their recently announced integration with MLflow. MLflow is a powerful open-source platform designed for managing the end-to-end lifecycle of machine learning projects, including experimentation, reproducibility, deployment, and maintaining a central model registry. However, despite its capabilities, effectively exploring and comprehending the results of tracked experiments can pose a challenge. This is where Aim comes in as a tool that offers a range of advanced features for in-depth exploration and comprehension of tracked experiments, delivering valuable insights and understanding of the results through a user-friendly interface.

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Interview highlights – key sections from the video version:

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[1] Ben Lorica is an advisor to AimHub and other startups.