Evaluating Language Models

Percy Liang on new tools for the Holistic Evaluation of Language Models.

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Percy Liang is Associate Professor of Computer Science and Statistics, and Director of the new Center for Research on Foundation Models at Stanford University. We discussed a new suit of tools (HELM) designed to help users and researchers understand language models in their totality. We also discuss recent trends in AI including the rise of Generative AI and Foundation Models.

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If there’s only API access, that’s not enough. It depends on how technical and how much a company wants to invest, and how much data they have, and whether they are comfortable shipping data to an API and or to someone else. I don’t think there will be just one GPT-like model that rules them all. It will come down to the dynamics of how organizations are structured, and considerations like trust, cost, and other things.

– Percy Liang on the likely rise of decentralized custom models.

Interview highlights – key sections from the video version:

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[Image: Evaluating a Language Model, by Ben Lorica, with images generated using DALL-E 2.]