Large Language Models

Connor Leahy and Yoav Shoham on recent developments in NLP and potential applications of large language models.

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This episode features conversations with two experts who have helped train and release models that can recognize, predict, and generate human language on the basis of very large text-based data sets. These large language models have shown impressive new abilities to generate natural language and are starting to be used in a variety of applications from computer programming, chatbots, and writing.  First is an excerpt of my conversation with Connor Leahy, AI Researcher at Aleph Alpha GmbH, and founding member of EleutherAI, (pronounced “ee-luther”) a collective of researchers and engineers building resources and models for researchers who work on natural language models.   Next up is an excerpt from a recent conversation with Yoav Shoham, co-founder of AI21 Labs, creators of the largest language model available to developers. Yoav is also a Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Stanford University, and a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded numerous data and AI startups.

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Highlights from our recent episode featuring Yoav Shoham:

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