Reinforcement Learning in Real-World Applications

The Data Exchange Podcast: Nic Hohn and Max Pumperla on lessons learned from applying RL to industrial problems.

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Happy Thanksgiving to listeners who celebrate it! This episode features conversations with two experts who have been applying reinforcement learning to problems in industry. First is an excerpt of my conversation with  Nicolas (Nic) Hohn, Chief Data Scientist, McKinsey/QuantumBlack Australia. Nic led a team of data scientists charged with helping America’s Cup winning team,  Emirates Team New Zealand, test new designs for hydrofoils – important sailing boat components that could be modified based on rules set forth by race organizers.  I also include an excerpt of a conversation with Max Pumperla, Data Science Professor at IU International University of Applied Sciences, who at the time of our conversation, was also the Head of Product Research at Pathmind1, a SaaS that helps businesses use reinforcement learning in real-world applications.

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Highlights from our conversation with Nic Hohn on YouTube:

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[1] Ben Lorica was an an advisor to Pathmind.

[Image: Logistics, conveyor belt from pxfuel]