Computational Models and Simulations of Epidemic Infectious Diseases

The Data Exchange Podcast: Bruno Gonçalves on the world of epidemic models and the role they play in decision making.

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In this episode of the Data Exchange I speak with Bruno Gonçalves, a data scientist working at the intersection of Data Science and Finance. I have known Bruno for several years and we met when I recruited him to teach several extremely popular conference tutorials and talks on machine learning and deep learning. Prior to shifting over to data science, he spent several years as a researcher focused on mathematical models in Epidemiology – a field with a rich history dating as far back as the 1920s.  This episode is devoted to tools and techniques for modeling epidemics.

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Our conversation covered:

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For more on Epidemic Modeling, Bruno Gonçalves kindly sent over links to some of the leading researchers in the field:

[Image: Social Distancing by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay]