Key AI and Data Trends for 2020

The Data Exchange Podcast: Mikio Braun and Ben Lorica on tools, models, applications, and risks to look out for in 2020.

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In this episode of the Data Exchange, I speak with my podcast co-organizer Mikio Braun, data scientist at GetYourGuide, and a former machine learning researcher and data architect. Mikio and I go out on a limb and speculate about new trends in AI and Data that we think people should pay attention to in 2020.

Our conversation spanned many topics, and we listed trends in:

  • Models: reinforcement learning, deep learning, language models, and related topics.
  • Applications: including emerging use cases for reinforcement learning.
  • Infrastructure and Tools: end-to-end machine learning platforms, the importance of distributed computing, etc.
  • Managing risks: privacy, security, safety, fairness, etc.
  • Emerging technologies to watch for in 2020.

Our goal in this podcast is to build a community of people interested in Data, Machine Learning and AI. If you have suggestions for us on what to recommend (books, conferences, links), and guests to book, please visit site and fill out the “contact” form.

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