Applied NLP Research at Primer

John Bohannon on translating machine learning research into products.

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John Bohannon is a Senior Director of Data Science and Head of Research at Primer AI, an end-to-end machine intelligence solution for textual data. We discussed their process of translating ML research into ML products, through the lens of the following examples:

  • Zero shot entity recognition: zero shot entity recognition is a model capable of recognizing arbitrary entities without additional training.
  • Inference triage and their open source project “baby bear”.
  • Tools for detecting synthetic text.
  • Text Summarization.
  • End-to-end platforms for NLP applications.

If you are using or building NLP applications, make sure to attend the NLP Summit, a FREE virtual conference that takes place October 4-6.

Figure: Keywords (extracted with KeyBERT) from recent “NLP” related job postings. Limited to a few key U.S. technology hubs; July/2022 through early August/2022.

Highlights in the video version:


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[Image: Text Architecture by Ben Lorica; original photos from Unsplash, via Infogram.]