Using machine learning to modernize medical triage and monitoring systems

The Data Exchange Podcast: Kira Radinsky on clinical triage, epidemiological maps, and predictive AI tools.

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In this episode of the Data Exchange I speak with Kira Radinsky, Chairwoman & Chief Technology Officer at Diagnostic Robotics, a startup using AI to build a medical-grade triage and clinical-predictions platform. She is also a visiting Professor at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.  Kira has extensive experience using data science and machine learning in a variety of settings, and she was one of the pioneers in using alternative data sources to augment forecasting models. Her earlier work includes models to predict social unrest as well as disease outbreaks.  The global pandemic has increased the need for experts in medical data mining, a field where Kira has made many significant contributions to.

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We spent most of our conversation discussing the tools Diagnostic Robotics has rolled out for the COVID-19 pandemic. They have released “triage and monitoring systems for healthcare providers, payers and government agencies” primarily for Israel, with additional deployments slowly coming online in India, and the US. Diagnostic Robotics was already building tools for clinical triage and they very quickly were able to tune their systems for the battle against COVID-19. The company has also been able to produce real-time epidemiological maps for policymakers who need to identify high-risk areas.

[A video version of this conversation is available on our YouTube channel.]

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[Image: CPCCG screening robot from Wikimedia]