Improving the hiring pipeline for software engineers

The Data Exchange Podcast: Karthik Ramasamy and Arun Kejariwal on best practices for preliminary screening, onsite interviews, coding exercises, and beyond.

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In this episode of the Data Exchange I speak with Karthik Ramasamy (Senior Director Of Engineering at Splunk) and Arun Kejariwal (experienced engineering leader). The focus of our conversation was hiring technical talent such as software engineers, developers, data scientists, architects, etc.  The global pandemic has caused a global economic slowdown and massive layoffs across many industry sectors. But many companies are still hiring and companies are still competing for technical talent. In our bi-weekly newsletter, links pertaining to hiring and work culture have been very popular from the outset.

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I’ve been wanting to speak to Karthik and Arun because both have hired technical talent across many companies, spanning from startups, enterprise software companies, and social media giants. Our conversation covered the entire hiring lifecycle and included topics such as:

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