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The Data Exchange Podcast: Paco Nathan on data governance, AutoML, notebooks, and deep learning libraries.

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In this episode of the Data Exchange, I speak with Paco Nathan, author, teacher, and founder of Derwen.ai, a boutique consulting firm specializing in Data, ML, and AI. Paco consults with companies and speaks before audiences all over the world, and I plan to have him as a frequent guest on this podcast to draw on his observations of diverse organizations.

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This particular conversation spanned many topics, including:

My collaborators and I want this to be more than just a podcast. We want to create a community to help people make better decisions. A key part of this is getting you involved. We have ideas on how this community will grow, but as a first step, I want to ask a question related to one of the topics that Paco and I discussed: PyTorch and TensorFlow. We’d love to have you weigh in by filling out the form below. We will report on results and key insights in a future episode of this podcast:


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